Este Palo Cortado VORS, siglas de Very Old Rare Sherry, es una creación del anterior enólogo de LustauManuel Lozano, quien realizó una labor de selección entre las soleras más viejas de este vino. Un vino de enorme intensidad y persistencia en todas sus fases de cata, que en los Decanter World Wine Adwars 2022 fue incluido en la categoría Best in Show. Se presenta en formato de 50 cl. 

Ficha técnica

La bodega
Palo Cortado VORS
21.0% vol.
100% Palomino fino


Color topacio con matices cobrizos.
Muy intenso, con aromas a nuez y madera especiada.
De largo recorrido en boca, presenta un interesante amargor y unas sutiles notas de chocolate negro.
Temperatura de servicio
Se recomienda servir entre 12 y 14 ºC.

Opinión de los críticos

The Wine Advocate:

The NV Palo Cortado VORS, medium brown-colored, it is a little cloudy. The off-dry (if such thing is possible), perfumed nose is a mixture of old wood, hazelnuts, varnish and a touch of toffee. The pungent palate is intensely dry and sharp, with plenty of hazelnut and varnished wood flavors, ending with a mineral salty note. It has a gentle nose and a wild palate. Drink 2013-2016.


There is really no wine sensation like that afforded by a very old sherry: exquisite, provocative, but almost painful, so concentrated, dry and demanding is the wine. This magnificent Palo Cortado is no exception. It's a light brown walnut in colour, with aromas which billow from the glass and evoke not just the bodega in which the wine has passed most of its life, but also hessian, polish, embers, bubbling marmalade in a copper pot and much, much else. It's searingly dry on the palate but ranges far and wide, too, vivid with acidity and filling the mouth with vapoury aromas which constitute almost as much of the 'flavour' as do the notes you can detect on the tongue. Are you tasting wine -- or time itself? It's hard to say, but this is an experience that you won't forget.