Un tinto de Rías Baixas muy especial. Si bien la Caiño es un gran reclamo, te contamos que este vino ha permanecido en bodega guardado durante 10 años. Tan solo 300 botellas fueron reservadas para esta release y que demuestran lo bien que le sienta el paso del tiempo. Una explosión de frutos rojos y especias junto con un paso por boca fresco y largo.

Ficha técnica

La bodega
12.5% vol.
100% Caiño
Rías Baixas

Opinión de los críticos

The Wine Advocate:

There is a library release of some reds from Caíño 10 years after the vintage that are the same as the wines sold originally, but they show a sticker with the 10-year mark, so I tasted the 2010 Goliardo Caíño (10 Años en Bodega). The wine was bottled in February 2012 with 12% alcohol and very high acidity (eight grams) and low pH (3.2), parameters that would make you think the wine was going to live a long life in bottle. At the time, the wine fermented in open-top barrels, as volumes were small, and then matured in barrel for one year. The aromatic profile is completely different from the young wines—the peppery notes have faded, but it's still balsamic and a little earthy, in a style that could remind me of a red from Bairrada or a Barolo. The palate is beautifully textured, sapid and tasty, the tannins have been rendered and the acidity integrated. It feels perfect for current drinking. The opened bottle faded over the course of a couple of days, which tells me I'd rather drink it in the next few years. There are only 300 bottles of this library release.